Why Choose Us?

The Global Success Academy is dedicated to helping others achieve their personal and professional potential. The techniques we teach have been proven successful by thousands of students putting them into practice and reaping the rewards.

Together our team is a powerhouse of skills, experience, and knowledge. Our clients’ lives consistently change for the better due to the tools they gain in our programs – thousands of people have been able to completely transform their lives. We pride ourselves on the easy to use nature of the Global Success Academy programs and the massive results they generate.


Our Philosophy

There has never never been as much opportunity to be who you want to be, do what you want to do and have what you want to have, as right now.

As technological advances disrupt our lives as we knew them – this opportunity, obviously becomes a double edged sword.

(Common estimates are that we need to spend one working day of each week updating and re-skilling in fields that didn’t exist ten years ago)

For 32 years we have specialised in bringing cutting edge, personal & professional development tools to our clients.

We have developed a world-class reputation for teaching techniques and processes for overcoming subconscious blockages to success – be that in relationships, health, wealth or happiness.

Our first philosophy is to be the messenger/facilitator, not the owner of the concepts.

Our accompanying philosophy is to test new material, watch to see if it works for better than 90% of our clients – and only then bring it into our curriculum.

Our additional philosophy is we demonstrate what works by walking our talk. We preach implementation – not theory.

But we know these concepts and training won’t be used without us also equipping our clients to develop their own internally generated ‘wisdom’.

As we move further and faster into the ever expanding possibilities the future holds (autonomous cars, life expectancy hitting 120, industries vanishing, governments defaulting…) we must, more than ever be able to tap into our own “internal guidance mechanism” that guides us through the unknown and unpredictable.

We don’t just teach information.

We educate people how to eradicate subconscious blockages and employ proven success strategies.

Who We Serve

Business Owners

As business people for 32 years we intimately understand the need to graduate from owner/operator to entrepreneur – which we define as “multiple streams of income”. Most business operators are too busy to learn or to teach they key team members what it is obvious to them – that they MUST KNOW.

We love these brave souls and are exceptionally well equipped to take them and their teams on the journey we had to pioneer for ourselves. We are well acquainted with the barriers to business success and love sharing the solutions and watching business (and their owners) grow exponentially.


As our business expertise expanded and our reputation soared – others began asking for our advice. Small projects grew into large ones and we found ourselves advising on multi-million dollar ideas. We quickly evolved our formula for marketing our consulting services and love sharing its simplicity and elegance.


Twenty years as coaches in the trenches – long before coaching became avant guard – taught us how to get clients, keep clients, get clients to ‘refer upwards’ and gain control of our time. We have trained over 250 coaches in the art of sparking massive change, whilst generating huge income and keeping their “me time” sacred. We know the strategies for making more while doing less.

Professional Services

Our recipe for building a highly profitable coaching business turned out to be the perfect formula for “the professions” to use.

Simply put… finding clients who want more and who are willing to pay VIP rates for it takes the strain out of most professional service operations.

Of course, these are differences – but we love sharing the “nuts and bolts” of a high-end business that keeps its owners sane because the customers love them, refer to them and most importantly, pay – quickly and respectfully.

Our Team

Paul Blackburn – Founder

Paul Blackburn has taught more than 400,000 people how to better their lives during his three decades as a success coach, counsellor, author, instructor and keynote speaker. His ability to spark interest and inspire people from all walks of life has resulted in television and radio appearances, 3 best-selling books, ongoing consulting with many major international companies and a very successful personal development business.

Paul is the chief instructor for the Global Success Academy and his creativity, strategic mindset and communication skills are second to none. Paul’s knowledge, passion, and experience make him invaluable to the Global Success Academy.

Mary Blackburn – Founder

Mary Blackburn’s career spans three decades of frontline teaching, beginning with “highest achiever” awards as high school teacher and progressing to her own workshops, some of which specialise in success for women. A mother of two and successful business woman, Mary is also the principal designer of the Global Success Academy programs.

She brings her vast knowledge in emotional expression, communication, facilitation and organisational success to the company and her clients. Mary’s experience, dedication, insight and compassion make her an extraordinarily valuable member of our team. She’s universally loved by all who meet her.

Julie Blackburn – Second Generation

Julie brings years of experience in business management to the Global Success Academy. GSA is the realisation of her vision to bring her parents work into the digital world, make it certifiable and take it global. She’s the lynch pin of our operations, overseeing all aspects of the business and rebirthing Paul & Mary’s vision into a newer, bigger and strategically sound, resource of knowledge and wisdom – accessible world wide.

She’s the driving force that keeps the Global Success Academy running and growing. With a talent for seeing both the big picture and important details, extraordinary skill with systems and a dynamic personality, Julie is a vibrant and vital part of the team.

Emma Thomas (nee Blackburn) – Editor In Chief

Emma gained a double major with honours in English at college and is also a trained copywriter. She’s been working as an editor and ghost writer in the personal development field for seven years, but has a lifetime of experience with the material.

Emma is responsible for creating and editing content at all levels – from emails and blogs to courses and books. With her experience, proficiency with language and sunny disposition, Emma is a highly valued and delightful asset to our team.