A: You’ll get automatic credibility in each field you qualify.
You’ll make measurable progress towards your pre-determined goals and know that you have turned theory into practice as you pass each test.
This is a world first in Success Strategy application.

A: Whilst it’s actually just a piece of paper – its worth is practically priceless, to you, your family and your community. What would it be worth to live according to your values and be insanely successful at everything you chose to attempt? What would it be worth to practice the principles of Emotional Intelligence  in your parenting, partnering and income generation?

A: Yes, you can take the test as many times as you want.

A: Unlimited! Go at your own pace. If you have a normal life… Then sometimes you’ll do 3 classes a week followed by none for 3 weeks.

A: No. But neither does Yale, Harvard or Oxford hand out qualifications without testing you have understood (and can successfully use) the material. You will be allowed to display a Global Success Academy digital badge not because you bought it but because you earned it.

A: They vary. On average you’ll be watching several hours of video, reading several pages of material and completing some exercises. Technically you could pull an all-nighter and roll it over in 24 hours. We think a week if you are full time and after that, “how long is a piece of string?”.

A: Impossible if you don’t sit the classes. Because the lessons use our unique approach and simplification process – the tests aren’t really that hard because you’ll understand and comprehend the concepts as you go along. You’ll be pleased with yourself because you’ve learned and understood concepts and techniques that change lives.

A: Not by itself. But it will give you a proven (by me and the thousands I’ve taught) plan to implement. Nothing beats action but the RIGHT action at the RIGHT time, in the RIGHT sequence is invincible. Just follow the steps and laugh all the way to the bank.

A: Only you can say what it would be worth to overcome a long held limitation. But understand this – when people pay $75,000 and 3 years for a degree, its so that they can qualify to get a job – not so they can overcome their subconscious blockages to enable them to confidentially reach their potential.

A: This program takes my 32 of experience and puts it into your hands. You become the expert as soon your certification is granted. After that,  it’s simply a matter of how many people you want to help.

A: Absolutely not. No tecno-speak allowed! These are simple processes designed to set you free not enslave you in a world of jargon and complicated systems. Around here – its results ONLY!

A: Depending on the subject, 15 to 30 video lessons that will cover everything from subconscious blockages to success strategies for that subject. The stages are set out so that they are easy to follow (yet challenging) and most importantly – easy to implement.

A: You will log-in through:

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  • After log-in , you will select “Members Courses” from “Members” Drop Down Menu:

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A: Easy! Call us on 02 6247 8336 or send us an email to [email protected].

You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn or even text us on 0499 693 335!

A: On Log-in Page:

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  • You will add your E-mail id in “Username” field. And click “Lost Password” .
  • That will send you a reset password link in the email.
  • You will open that and can change your password there.

A: You can see the progress in the sidebar area on Courses page in “Progress Bar“. That will show you the current progress status of your Course.

A: Badges are the Achievement rewards that are being provided on completing the Lessons.

Every time you complete a particular lesson. You will be awarded by a digital badge .

A: Yes! you can jump to a particular lesson in the Course easily by selecting lesson from the sidebar in the Courses Page.

A: Yes you can change your email in our system. Please Click HERE, and you go to the email update web page.