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Why “How To” Never Makes Money

When it comes to creating wealth most people ask “How To” questions…

  • How do I get a better paying job?
  • How do I invest in real estate?
  • How can I start a business?
  • What are the best stocks to buy?
  • How do I get a raise?

But take a look at the people who can answer those questions.

Is someone earning 15% more, better off or still failing to break out into the wealth creation cycle?

Do all real estate investors do well?

Or is it a fact that 90% of them only ever buy one investment property?

Do people who start a business make heaps or do 90% of them fail?

Do all stock market investors do well or do many get wiped out at every downturn in the market?

Surveys of 1,000’s tell us that most people think that their best chances of getting rich are (in order):

  1. 1. Win the lottery.
  2. 2. Inherit a bucket-load.
  3. 3. Sue someone & get a payout.

Obviously, these people are just daydreaming.

But if you’re serious about creating wealth…

The sad fact is that most people think they need to know a “system”; they need to get more knowledge or get an insider’s advantage.

They spend their lives searching for a needle in a haystack and buy get rich quick schemes hoping that the next one is a winner.

The truth is that your money is a reflection of your mindset.

I am Paul Blackburn.

I started my business life in 1984 with my wife Mary. We specialized in delivering high quality, massive impact, live, personal development workshops.

For 20 years we made about $100,000 a year - which was great back in the 80’s - but it had lost its purchasing power two decades down the track. We worked hard, stayed honest and delivered outstanding results to hundreds of thousands of clients.

In 2003 I was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer and given 3 years to live.

The shock brought me to my senses and thinking that I wasn’t going to be around for long, I took the advice about money I had been dispensing to others, for 20 years.

We went straight to a million a year.

Less than a year after that it was a million a month.

We even had a million dollar day.

In short…

We stayed in the same business, supplying the same products & services and even retained the services of the same front man (me).

This course is the documentation of the journey I took to go from ‘struggling to make ends meet’ to $10M/yr in less than 18 months.

Only a change in mindset will result in a change of fortunes.

If you want to see a change in your bank account, you will have to start with a change in your thinking, your beliefs and your subconscious programming. But who would you trust with your most valuable asset - your mind?

I have 2 runs on the board that are the only two that count.


I have created serious significant wealth myself.


I have taught tens of thousands of others to do the same.

Would you like me to hold you by the hand and take you on that journey step by step?

Would you like to become certified in the process and be able to display that qualification in your resume or social profiles? Would you like to help others get financially free too?

If you would here’s what my e-Learning course consists of…

35 X Video lessons averaging 10 minutes each.

34 X Worksheets detailing the steps in each lesson

30 X Text based versions of the video lessons for you to read at your leisure

08 X Audio processes to augment your learning.

30 X Tests along the way to ensure you understand and can implement.


Start Ups

The minefield of getting started and becoming profitable can be safely navigated if you know what to avoid. This program outlines in detail what to “do” and what to “not do”.

Individuals Who

Handle family finances. Want to gain professional advancement. Are sick of making mistakes. Want to put their money to work for them.

Business Owners

This program will show you and your team exactly what I did to make myself redundant whilst increasing profits and how you can do the same.


I needed more clients paying more per person. It turned out to be easier than I thought. A trained monkey could follow my step-by-step system.


Do you need more referrals to bigger scale projects? Me too. My biggest client went from $2M to $60M/yr and my fees grew along with it.

Professional Services

Higher paying clients give me less grief, are more fun to deal with and get better results! I’ll show you how to get an avalanche of them.

What Will You Be Able To Do Once Completing The Course?

Our promises are simple, clear and 100% guaranteed.


  1. Get Debt Free
Using no schemes, tricks, pyramids or second jobs, you’ll have a simple system for paying your bills and debts outlined (with worked examples) that will eliminate them one by one. As each debt is reduced to zero it’s monthly payment can be diverted towards the next one and so on, increasing your debt reduction exponentially.
  1. Get Control Of Your Money
We blow all the accountant speak away with a super simple system for making your money work positively for you whilst allowing for you to enjoy what you earn AND put some aside so that it can go to work for you. This simple and easy to use system will even protect you from the unpredictable and unexpected expenses that so often make us feel out of control with our finances.
  1. Fix Your Mindset With Money

(This is the missing link in most financial education)

Most people are taught 100% wrong about money. We have a poisoned emotional relationship with making money based around repeated dogma such as “Money is the root of all evil”, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, “Money won’t make you happy…” all of which are both untrue and totally counter productive. Fixing up your relationship with money is the single most powerful and transformative action you will ever undertake.
  1. Build A Powerhouse Of Investment Strategies
Our systems will not just set you free from debt. All those monthly payments are freed up to invest. (Typically that’s $50K/yr.) To invest successfully you’ll need to know your risk tolerance, your passions, your emotional weaknesses, your money biases and a host of financial sinkholes to avoid. You’ll also discover how to turn your passions into profits.
  1. Learn Entrepreneurship
There is no school, college or university teaching how to be an entrepreneur.

(Of course, for $100,000 you can get an MBA - but that’s training for a job)

Yes - 90% of businesses fail within the first 5 years. This program will show you exactly what to do to get into the top 1% of business operators. These are people who build multiple streams of income from different business and investments.

What do graduates of this program have to say about it?

On two separate occasions, I have called Paul to run an idea past him and both times he has given me advice which as either earned me or saved me in excess of $50,000. Around here we call him the $50,000 man.

Amanda Burrell

I used Paul’s coaching services for our 350 staff during the growth of my first business from $20 million to $50 million. With the start of our new business, we have taken out a huge insurance policy by using Paul’s services. I laugh all the way to the bank when I think about Paul’s contribution to my wealth, health, and most importantly, my happiness.

Bob Kent

In one 20-minute exercise, Paul took me from failing my high school exams to distinctions at university. In another 4-hour exercise he taught me a skill that has since resulted in earning of over $1 million. I have lost count of the number of people I have referred to the Beyond Success team and never once have they failed to deliver.

Andrew Grant

What Are The Benefits Of This Program?

  • Understand your programming around money and how these beliefs have shaped your financial behaviour and results – when you change these programs you will change your results
  • Understand the basic laws of the mind and how they relate to money and how to work with them to get the results you want
  • Identify your limiting beliefs and develop some new, supportive beliefs about money so you can see opportunity
  • Learn the basics of financial literacy and how to apply them in your day-to-day life so you improve your net worth quickly
  • Know what you need to do to get out of debt and live debt free so you can stop your stress around money
  • Set some personal financial goals and identify your financial possibilities so you can move forward to create the life you want
  • Learn the secret to wealth and the practical steps you can take to make wealth a reality for you
  • Identify your money personality and understand its strengths and weaknesses so you can minimize your weakness and play to your strengths
  • Learn how money affects your relationship and how you and your partner can work together to improve your financial position
  • Know how to effectively communicate with your partner about money and resolve conflicts as they arise
  • Learn how to start off on the right financial track when you begin a new relationship so that money is not an issue between you and your partner
  • Understand the different ways men and women handle money so that you and your partner can work together without blame and judgement
  • Learn the skills required to gain long-term balance with money so you are free from the traps of living day to day trapped in a scarcity mindset
  • Stop beating yourself up for mistakes you have made in the past so that you can move forward – your past mistakes have no bearing on your future unless you hang on to them

Our training centre is 100% online!

No mores air fares, hotel bills, impossible lunch time frames, seats next to people who don't use deodorant and no more time away from work… We train you wherever you are (bus/work/home). But don’t worry, our comprehensive video lessons, downloadable worksheets, quizzes and exams make sure you not only consume the trainings but that you learn the material and can execute it in your life.


Q: Will this certificate build my business?

A: Not by itself. But it will give you a proven (by me and the thousands I’ve taught) plan to implement. Nothing beats action but the RIGHT action at the RIGHT time, in the RIGHT sequence is invincible. Just follow the steps and laugh all the way to the bank.

Q: How will this certificate help me?

A: This qualification will take you and your finances beyond the ordinary and into the 9% of the population who create self-sustaining wealth. By self-sustaining we mean that you will understand how to make more money than you need, leaving the excess to be invested.

Q: How valuable is this certificate?

A: Only you can say what it would be worth to sack the boss, help others do the same and take vacations whenever and wherever you want. But understand this - when people pay $75,000 and 3 years for a degree, its so that they can qualify to get a job that won’t earn them that much for the first ten years.

Q: What if I’m just starting out and have no reputation in my field?

A: This program shows you how to get your clients to focus on their desired results, not your ancient history. Believe me, when they are staring down the barrel of reaching a new peak in their life - they are not thinking about you.

Q: Do I have to learn lots of technical financial information?

A: Absolutely not. No accountant speak allowed! These are simple processes designed to set you free not enslave you in a world of jargon and complicated systems.

Q: What will I be learning?

A: There are 35 lessons that will cover everything from changing your mindset to building multiple streams of income. The stages are set out so that they are easy to follow and most importantly - easy to implement.

Q: Does this program qualify me to give financial advice?

A: Absolutely not. Its all about mindset, mindset, mindset.

Q: How long do i have to complete the class and take the tests once I’m enrolled?

A: Unlimited! Go at your own pace. If you have a normal life… Then sometimes you’ll do 3 classes a week followed by none for 3 weeks.

Q: Are you guaranteeing I’ll get certified if I take the class?


No. But neither does Yale, Harvard or Oxford hand out qualifications without testing you have understood (and can successfully use) the material. You will be allowed to display a Global Success Academy not because you bought it but because you earned it.

Q: How long does it take to do the course and qualify?

A: They vary. On average you’ll be watching several hours of video, reading several pages of material and completing some exercises. Technically you could pull an all-nighter and roll it over in 24 hours. We think a week if you are full time and after that, “how long is a piece of string?”.

Q: How difficult is the test?

A: Impossible if you don't sit the classes. Because the lessons use our unique approach and simplification process - the tests aren't really that hard because you’ll understand and comprehend the concepts as you go along. You’ll be pleased with yourself because you’ve learned and understood concepts and techniques that change lives.