Mindset Mastery

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Attention: Success Seekers.

Finally, A High Performance Coach Of 32 Years Reveals
His Previously Secret Life-Skills Training Program.

Delivers Killer Results In 15 Minutes A Day - Even For Novices.

Pete lived a blessed life. His middle class childhood was full of holidays, sports, siblings and excellent education.

By thirty he’d met & married his soul mate and started a family and a business that was destined to run profitably for two generations.

But there was something missing that Pete couldn’t put his finger on. Outwardly successful, he was aware how lucky he was.

Eventually he came to understand that he was happy but devastatingly unfulfilled.

Without a purpose, a sense of mission, a way of making the world a better place, he drifted - looking for answers to questions he didn’t know how to ask.

Insight finally dawned when he realised he’d done well (by any standards) but barely scratched the surface of his ability or talent.

The further he looked the more he saw an entire generation in massive, unexpressed and unrealised pain.

Despite riches beyond the comprehension of their grandparents - most people know they posses very little satisfaction, fulfilment, contentment, inner peace or harmony.

Pete set out to learn how to provide for his deepest needs - which he’d identified as “challenge”, “uplifting work” and becoming his own inner source of wisdom.

The transformation was nearly instant.

His family wanted to know if he’d joined a cult - not because he was acting strangely but because they wanted some of what he had and were ready to sign up - sight unseen.

He began teaching what he’d learned - initially to friends & associates and then professionally.

Why tell that story?
Well, “Pete” is actually me.

I’m Paul Blackburn and that’s my mug shot over there on the right.

Thirty three years after that personal enlightenment - I’m still passionately teaching that breakthrough material.

That’s a long time to test if something works and I’m pleased to say that we now teach the kids of our 1980’s & 1990’s students.

Four hundred thousand students on four continents says we know what we are doing. That’s a lot of trust from a lot of people with a right to turn up to our courses, cynical and suspicious.

Eighty (sold out) gigs a year has been the norm for the past ten years


…at 65 years of age and entering grand parenting (with glee) I’m losing the urge to live at the airport.

So we’ve made the decision to go digital and deliver this life changing workshop right to your phone.

That means no more:

  • Putting aside a valuable weekend,
  • Searching for parking,
  • Rushed, expensive, sugar & fat filled lunches,
  • Sitting next to someone who hasn’t heard of deodorant,
  • Tolerating questions from boguns & chuckleheads.

And it means WAY more:

  • Saved Money - food, accommodation & seminar expenses,
  • Saved Time - spent actually learning the bit your are interested in,
  • Convenience - learn on the bus, in the car, gym, walking the dog..

Imagine that - personal development and self help BREAKTHROUGH material that turns you into your own source of inner wisdom delivered in bite sized pieces, when you want it, where you want it, the way you want it.

Why Is It Different?

STEP 1. Watch or listen to the first lesson on your phone while at work, on
the bus or at the gym. Rewind & rewatch if necessary to
totally “get” the concept.

STEP 2. Fill in the worksheet of you know that your brain only kicks into gear when
pen hits paper. sentence doesn't make sense

STEP 3. Sit the quiz - confirming that you have locked the knowledge in where its
“everyday useable”.

STEP 4. Download your digital badge signifying your achievement. (compete with
others on the leaderboard if you like)

STEP 5. Watch or listen to the next lesson. Work your way through the sequence of
cases? gaining knowledge and understanding of the concepts and processes as
you progress - locking in certainty of understanding by paling quizzes
along the way.

STEP 6. Become certified! Display your digital badge on your email signature, link
in profile of fb page. Gain credibility at work and home for higher level skills in
personal & professional management of self and others.

This is totally next generation stuff.

It’s irresistible transformative knowledge turned into wisdom - because it penetrates straight through normal resistance.

At thousands of dollars it would represent amazing value.

Remember - this isn’t just word documents loaded onto a crappy page somewhere.

This is hugely interactive - professional level learning delivered by video, audio, worksheets, PP slide sets, quizzes and certifications.