Getting the Mental Edge

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Getting The Mental Edge is all about deliberately tuning into your 'A' game and bringing it to
whatever you do.

Delivered by Paul Blackburn - a leader in the human potential movement for over 30 years, this short program outlines the keys to getting the most out of yourself.

This mini-class will teach you how to work smarter instead of harder by showing you the mental mechanisms that create superior performance using your natural talent and ability.

Lesson 1: What Makes The Difference Between The Champions and the 'Also Ran's'?
Learn how your brain works and why it can sometimes produce the opposite of what you want. This lesson shows how to get your automatic actions aligned with your goals and targets.

Lesson 2: Your Personal Success Blueprint.
Understanding your strengths and weaknesses using our proprietary software allows you to create your own action plan for success.

Lesson 3: The 4 Keys to Success.
This lessons explains the 4 secret ingredients for personal change. Without this information most goals become New Years Eve resolution-type promises that last less than a month. Lasting change is easy when you know how.

Lesson 4: Making a Quantum Leap.
Knowledge unused is useless information that might as well be on a book shelf.
Doing what we know we should do - isn’t as simple as just knowing what we should do.
Knowledge in action becomes wisdom.
Paul explains the six barriers between knowing and doing and how to overcome them.

Getting the Mental Edge covers the basics of Mindset as it applies to elevating personal achievement.

Anyone wondering what the fuss is all about will both benefit from this short program and be empowered to decide if they should take it further.